Group members

Dr. Jolet de Ruiter (Postdoc)

Dr. Keunhwan Park (Postdoc)

Anneline Christensen (MSc thesis student, currently visiting Princeton University), Fluid-structure interactions in soft biological micro- and nanochannels

Keqing Dai (BSc Thesis student), Harvesting of sugars and proteins from plant cells

Aslak Rønnow Franzen (BSc thesis student), Mechanosensitive intercellular transport channels

Simon Hadjaje (Intern, ENS Paris)

Magnus Paludan (MSc Physics and Nanotechnology project)

Emil Visby Østergaard (Laboratory technician/3D printing wizard)

Kaare H. Jensen (PI)

Alumni and past visitors

Olga Solodovnikova (BSc Physics and Nanotechnology project)

Celine Dinesen (Physics project)

Amalie Søndersted (Physics project)

Rikke Andersen (Physics project)

Astrid Erecius (Physics project)

Dr. Jean-Francois Louf (Postdoc)

Jan Knoblauch (Researcher)

Magnus Valdemar Paludan (Bachelor thesis: Non-linear hydraulic resistors: basic principles and applications to chronic lung disease)

Sif Fink Arnbjerg-Nielsen (Bachelor thesis: Fungal spore dispersal)

Martina Cammisano (Experimental project)

Aradhana Kumar (Vistor, IIT Kharagpur)

Katrine S. Haaning (Master thesis: Physics of cell factories)

Stefan Kei Akazawa (undergraduate)

Alexandre Ponomarenko (Visiting scholar, 2017)

MSc Signe Randi Andersen (Research Assistant Intern)

Eleftherios Kosmidis (MSc student and research assistant). Currently University of Copenhagen

Hanna Rademaker (PhD student, with Tomas Bohr). Currently McGraw-Hill Education

Emil L. Pedersen (Master thesis student). Currently netcompany

Katrine Villumsen (BSc thesis student). Currently Climate-KIC Master Programme.

Katrine S. Haaning (BSc thesis student). Currently MSc Physics and Nanotechnology student.

Gitte Frederiksen (MSc thesis student). Currently Boston Consulting Group

Louise S. Haaning (MSc thesis student). Currently Novozymes

Sandra H. Lorentzen (MSc thesis student).